DOs and DON’Ts: Water Damage Repair in Staten Island

A lot of homeowners have experienced water damage due to natural causes, malfunctioning appliances or plumbing fixtures, and leaking or burst pipes. Before calling your insurance provider and your local company for water damage repair in Staten Island, there are basic things you should and should not do to avoid further damages and putting yourself and your family at risk.

DO’s during a Water Damage

  • Stop the water flow by shutting the line. If minor repair is all that’s needed, make sure you have the know-how and proper tools before repairing anything. Keep any replaced part for your insurance company.
  • Turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to the affected areas. Remove mobile electrical appliances or devices and furniture from wet areas.
  • Inspect extent of damage – floors, walls, drywalls and other structural items. Take photos (and videos if possible) of the water damage and all items affected.
  • If the water is from an interior source, minimize damage by removing standing water by mopping or sponging.
  • Open windows or doors to ventilate wet areas. You can also use fans or a dehumidifier (but use a safe electrical source).


DON’Ts during a Water Damage

  • Enter the room or property with obvious structural damage such as sagging ceilings.
  • Enter an area with standing water as this may lead to electrocution or to health risks if water came from an unsanitary source.
  • Clean the area yourself if you don’t have the necessary equipment and tools, or if the water is contaminated.
  • Use vacuum equipment to remove standing water.
  • Activate the HVAC system.
  • Delay calling for professional help.

A flood or water damage may cause not only damages to your property but also health risks and even fatal consequences when not properly handled. If you are faced with this situation and are in need of expert water damage repair in Staten Island, you can always count on our team. We have the training, experience and essential tools to ensure successful repair and restoration. We will always do our best because we want to make the situation less burdensome for you and assist you in regaining back your life.